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Adventure- Uganda Page..
Africa's raft spot......

Rafting on the Nile
Adventure lets you discove
r the amazing scenary of Africa.
Enter into Uganda, discover why Uganda is
the pearl of Africa and the
reason why you have to love Uganda.
Find out Uganda's hot sport adventure sites
today and experience the magic behind African Eco-tourism.

Uganda-"The pearl of Africa"

The world's longest River called The Nile derives it's
source from Uganda at a place called Jinja.

The source of the Nile-Jinja

Lake Victoria is big. Really big. It is Africa's largest
lake, the largest tropical lake in the world,
and the world's second largest fresh water lake in area
. Looks can be deceiving, however
because the lake is relatively shallow. This means that its
size can greatly vary when rainfall
over its basin varies.
The lake is only the seventh
largest freshwater lake by volume.
It's basin is beleived to be one of Africa's
densily populated areas because of the
conducive environment around the area.

Lake Vicoria on East African Map

The Victoria Basin..

The mighty Lake Victoria
was thought for a long time to be the source of the Nile. It
is in a sense. Waters from the large lake leave
by the Victoria Nile to head
north to join the Albert Nile in
northern Uganda. When the water leaves
the massive Lake Victoria,
it does so in a spectacular fashion. The water
pours out of the lake at the Ripon Falls, also known as Owen Falls Dam,
in Uganda. It then goes by the Victoria Nile to
Lake Kyoga
before joining the Albert Nile.
The lake itself is shared by three
countries: Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.
The headwaters for the streams
that feed the lake, however, originate
from the mountains of Rwanda and Burundi.

Camping inside Mabira foreest
is one of the best experiences
you can not affrod to miss out.

The exact southernmost source of the
Nile was only found by German explorer
Dr. Burkhart Waldecker in 1937. It is
a small bubbling spring in the hills
of Burundi. Other water sources start
their journey in the snow melt fed creeks
of the Mountains of the Moon of Rwanda.
These mountains were known even in ancient
Greece and have always had
a sense of mystical reverence about them.

The idea that Lake Victoria was t
he source for the Nile was proclaimed by
it's British discover John Hanning
Speke in 1858. Maps of the lake by
Arabic explorers, however,
date back to the late 1100's and
the Roman Ptolemy seems to
have drawn a map of the Nile with large
lakes near its source.
The lake's current name comes,
like the other two lakes mentioned
below, from British royalty,
specifically Queen Victoria.

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